A long and abiding love of books and language. 

Traveling between cities and states, countries and phases of life, my books and the knowledge and fantasy they provided gave me my own consistency and personal space. 

Ultimately letters are symbols for sounds and words are sounds for ideas as it says in the first published book, ‘The Madman Laughs at Everything,’ meant to be a cornerstone in a collection; one to reference back to, laugh along with, and seek guidance from like a good life long friend. 

I suppose I am providing what was always the most dear to me as a child; escape, answers, and hope that made my life better in every way. With each new perspective new challenges and opportunities, so I became addicted to perspective.

Humanity loves a story and there are more books to come from this blooming author. 

The next, Volume 2 of The Madman Laughs series, is about conflict; using a protracted analogy of our biological cell behavior along with historical, sociological, and psychological perspectives to elucidate how we can not simply find our way out of conflict, but be better because of it, have it more considerately for others and ourselves, and be able to use it as the natural fuel to drive us to a better tomorrow today, instead of just burning it all down by mistake. 

Graduating as the speaking representative for his college classes in humanities and philosophy, a long and abiding love of books simply expressed itself in writing. 

One of my favorite quotes is “to write, read” – and also, “to write, put black to white.” Those two phrases together along with a general understanding that all of us have stories and ideas in us which we encourage others to share by expressing the courage and joy to share our own given by grace.